Hotel Negresco

Both sea and sky dream
                                            eye-white blue, and I
feel empty as these eggshells on my break-
fast plate.
                   On TV news, twelve people die--
a high-def fire, a bomb-blast pixel-fleck
from dire Afghanistan. . . .
                                                 I turn to see
two runners on the Promenade whose race
might be my higher self and I,
                                                      set free
as dogs unleashed that dream a master’s face
but never see it clearly,
                                           trusting scent
or intuition, knowing faintly, bent
on ecstasy, but
                            fawning and afraid.
So many times I roll my pant-legs, wade
in shallows.
                      I must find the pier and dive
in deep, be swallowed whole,
                                                      then rise, alive.

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