Just because you do not listen doesn’t mean I must scream.

Learn sign language 

I did

Communication becomes birds.

Sometimes words are robins

With you they remain crows.

We communicate as well as ever.

Hewn to the wire
rust for the fence,
I watched cattle
trample the sprouts
among the wood,
the ash trees grew
into headstones
abandoned to us.
I see you I see me
clearing the brush
keeping a twig
and pebble stone
for our pockets
to remember
the people under
as we will be.
Wind left the air
low on our faces,
earth left the dirt
over our names,
when we awake
in between
night and morning
you will cry
through separations,
I will die again
miming the leaf. 

I used to be the earth
and you were a flower
I am a stone
a statue and you are the sculptor
A stone resting in a field of many flowers
watching infinite cycles of pollination
Forever frozen and preserved
like the limestone of the pyramids
I rest in my gorgeous prison
Forever the observer
so many lifetimes have passed
I am stone, a Statue and you,
my dear, The sculptor
I used to be the earth


four year old eyes meet my own
in the rear view mirror
scared eyes
dried vomit in his hair
on his shirt and under his eye
brave beyond his years
gently caressing his older brother's head
while his brother continues
to seize uncontrollably
and I race death to the hospital